Friday, August 5, 2011


I've enjoyed fresh picked fruit from the tree in our back yard!

And since fresh fruit is the theme over at Renaissance, I enjoyed the challenge of taking pictures in my own back yard.

Lately I have enjoyed a couple of tomatoes from the garden and got busy making zucchini bread:

We grow way more zucchini than I can ever use... thankfully Cody takes some to his teachers. I have enough zucchini to bake a double batch of bread each morning for a week!

Lately I read a few chapters in a digital photo design book, learning that oblique and angled lines should never enter or exit a photo from a corner of the frame. I really tried my best on this next shot, but it just wasn't possible to follow the rule...

And that shows that lately I've been prepping the ceiling for paint.

This weekend I will try to get the paint finished on the ceiling, babysit my grandson a few hours, order some prints from a wonderful photo shoot, and hopefully enjoy some warm weather, and possibly connect with some friends at church.



MomLaur83 said...

Yay for backyard fruit trees!

Rebecca said...

I am extremely jealous of those blessed few who have fruit trees right in their own backyard. Since we seem to move so often, there is never enough time to plant our own and enjoy the harvest. Some day....