Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello, New Month! Time to tackle some tasks!

A continuous life theme for me is "fresh starts". Whether it's the beginning of school years or New Year's Eve, I love taking time to plan, chart and start over once again. For several weeks I've been swirling around in a lot of mental "to do"s, biting off far more than I can chew, wondering how to "pull it all together".

This morning I got excited yet once again... it's August 1st, the beginning of a new month, the start of a new week. Instead of mentally thinking on this for the day, I took action and wrote down what I'd like to accomplish this first week. I hope to do this each week during this month. I hope to accomplish my goals!! Perhaps breaking them down into weekly increments will help me finish them off! We'll see...

At first I made a simple list. I want to re-establish some daily habits that mean a lot to me, but which have sparsely shown up since I become distracted with projects... Remembering a girl in college who made large monthly posters with goals and boxes to check off, I made myself a paper to tape up, which has each day this week (not including Sunday), and a vertical space to record letters which are the codes of my goals.

While I would love to have this week's main goal a bit bigger, I stuck with clearing my entry shelves, painting my ceiling and keeping the kitchen clean each day. In case you don't want to try to read the legend at the bottom of my paper, I'll write out my daily goals:

D: Devotion/Prayer I've been doing really quick prayers and barely paying attention to giving my relationship with God a priority in my day. I want a D in each column this week!

R: Read, 30 minutes. I might get in more than 30 minutes a day, who knows. I love to read, whether it's a book on photography, a classic novel or a family life book. Right now I have a few books competing for my attention:

My next two goals are really hobbies. Part of me thought, "Why list hobbies? Shouldn't my goals be 'responsible' and 'task oriented'?" But, creativity often times fuels the other areas of my life and improves them because when I feed my internal creative monster, I am happier and then give greater effort to the other areas in my life... such as keeping the kitchen clean, organizing and painting.

C: Crochet. I am really going to get the blanket I've been working on for Jayden finished this month!

P: Photography. I'd like to try something new a few days this week... perhaps applying something that I am reading about... perhaps getting a small notebook put inside my camera bag and taking notes on what I am doing when I take pictures... we'll see.

And, last but not least, actually the biggest part of life lately:

H: Home Improvement (Paint) It suddenly felt like too much work yesterday when I looked about the living room, entry and halls. I need to cut in the ceiling paint, then roll the ceilings (I don't move furniture out and make a big production, I just get it done, which also means that I have to cover stuff as I go, hoping to not make a big mess... No, don't try to talk me into doing it another way... I'll be fine and the results will be great...). Then I need to do the walls and we have a high vaulted ceiling and I'll be up on a tall ladder... and... sigh... why am I doing this?? But, I can do it if I just break it down into weekly goals. This week it's the ceilings... that's it.

And now I must go... because life is taking place all around me and events like going to the bank and running into the store are still going to have to take place...

Oh, and I decided that in order to make progress in the chosen areas, I will make myself give 15 minutes to reading or hobbies prior to getting on the computer. That means in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening... whenever I want to hop on the computer, I will make myself spend 15 minutes working on something else.

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