Saturday, October 1, 2011

A day with college girl... Rebekah.... my Bek.

She's loud. She's snuggly. She's brave, yet she's uncertain. She's 19. She's perky and funny and very unique. She always has been! And I love her so!

She spent a night with me this week and the following morning I took her back to the University, where we hung out for a few hours.

By the way, I am not sure if all University parking garages are like this, but the one I used had incredibly narrow driving lanes and most cars were compact and it was a challenge. I am proud to say that I didn't bump into anything at all. Oh, and to top off the narrowness of the lanes, pedestrians also use those as walkways. Fun.

Upon exiting the parking garage, I noticed this spot. It spoke to me! It said, "NCIS crime scene"! Don't you think so?

Here is a view of the Farmer's Market:

And where Bek has some of her classes:

The brand new library:

We went to the "Garden of Remembrance":

We laughed at this book in the bookstore:

Bumped into a friend who also comes from our town and lives in the city now:

Bek showed me another garden, sharing with me that she thinks of me every time she passes it.

But, the best part of the University was this:

This is a fitting place to share that Bek is a reader. Not just an ordinary reader. When I went to teach her to read, in kindergarten, she took to it right away. She read sight words like you wouldn't believe! Then by 2nd grade the phonics clicked in, as she developed spelling skills and she called out, excitedly, "Mom! I get it! Phonics is spelling!" She read so much. All the time! When she got into trouble, I would say, "All right, Rebekah, you may NOT open a book unless I say so!" Ouch! She is one of the most well read people I know.

Look! Another tree frog!

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