Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

The other evening I had a wonderful time carving my pumpkin at my daughter's house. She hosted a pumpkin carving party!

Shasta is my "mini-me". Not only do we look alike, but she got a large bit of my "craftiness" dna. She enjoys decorating up the home and she had a great time planning out this get-together. Shasta also loves to bake and cook... something she did not get from me... but, I sure am glad she's got it!!

Now, to get to those pumpkins!!

And there you have it... the pumpkin carving event of the season... We've had our first couple of cool nights and cold mornings (that means it's below 80! I'm cold if it's not 80... )(actually I think it's been down to the 60's of all things!)(60 is below 80)(I'm going to stop now...)

Have a wonderful weekend, all of you friends and family out there! Blessings!

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