Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another day out and about...

When you wake up and don't have any plans:

I have expressed it before... I really like going to San Francisco. I like looking at all the buildings and skyline and observing people and places. I see something like this and I wonder, "Who is inside? What do they do? What is their week like? What do they do on weekends?"

Anyway... we drove along and passed the usual sights...

Then we wound our way over to Fisherman's Wharf where we ate at Joe's Crab Shack!

The waiters danced to fun music every 45 minutes.

And we had a great view of the funniest sight!

Down below on the water front, this man sat with his bush. He is known as "bush man". He holds the bush in front of him and scares tourists as the pass by. It was so funny!

Notice the ponytail girls hands flew up in that second photo. And people gather behind him all day long, watching and waiting and laughing when innocent passersby get spooked by the bush... Sick, I tell you! But, entertaining nonetheless.

(For some reason, I thought of my friend, Valerie when I saw the poster above.)

I saw this gorgeous statue and thought of my son, Nathan!

Than I had to take a couple pictures for Stephen:

And some of my favorite things... architecture!

We never did head over to Golden Gate park because it was pretty cold... that just gives us a reason to go back again... on a warmer day.

Now it's Tuesday and grandbabies are over and need some breakfast... Have a beautiful day!

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