Monday, July 11, 2011

Bethel Island

Many years ago I overheard a lady complain... really complain... She was upset because it had snowed in her yard. Honestly, she knew it would snow because it was late fall in Alaska. But, she didn't want it to snow on her yard. I made my mind up as I listened to her rant that I would make the best of where I lived. I made the best of long, freezing winters (I do not miss that at all... nope.). It was totally easy to be content living near Santa Cruz, California. Beauty. Variety of trees and plants. Gorgeous redwoods nearby. Lovely coasts. Lots to do. Then I moved to the Oakley/Antioch area, along the delta that comes from San Francisco bay. I've had to learn, once again, to look for the good parts. We usually have fairly warm days that come off and on in spring and fall. Summers are hot. I love hot summers. The delta has many waterways to explore... heading towards Sacramento or Lodi or even Stockton.

I've heard people comment that we live in the "armpit" of the bay. Well... opinions of others are what they are. But I choose to find the good. Yesterday we drove over to San Francisco (there's a lot to do there and it's less than an hour away) and from there to just over the big hill from us (Concord area) there tends to be a lot of summer-time overcast. Much cooler temps. I wouldn't like that. I remember it was that was in Santa Cruz, too. Summer heats up and fog from the ocean rolls in and there aren't a lot of sunny summer days. (A lot depends on what you are looking for or prefer, of course) So, I like that we live on the other side of that big hill so that we have many more sunny days. Then the other side of where we live... oh, about 40 miles from us... gets super, extra hot... with stale air and very little breeze. Our area gets the heat with a lovely delta breeze, making it bearable.

Here are my favorite photos from a family day out...

We met folks who are taking care of an owl who since it fell from the nest and it's now 3 months. Cody loved holding it.

Hope you enjoy our photos from another family day out! Blessings to you!

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