Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When Your Daughter is the Bride!

A few months ago I gave my daughter an assignment: research wedding costs, determine when you want to get married, ask each set of parents how much they can contribute and calculate how much you need to save each month to be able to fund the wedding... It wasn't too long before she got back to me and said that she and Chris were thinking of a very small wedding... maybe eloping... and that they couldn't really save a large enough amount to have a larger formal wedding in the next year or so.

So, parents on each side supported the idea of a small "destination wedding" and we got busy!

Shasta selected the colors teal and yellow along with a daisy theme. We had just over a month to plan and get the job done. Armed with coupons for each local craft store, we headed out to purchase items to make the day truly special. We were quite pleased that in every store we went to there was a sale that was greater than our coupon and nearly every purchase was 50% off!

I grabbed teal bubble wands, ribbon and tags so that Shasta could write "Chris and Shasta 7/3/11" on them... we adored the ring bearer pillow and found an "Official Ring Bearer" pin to put on Jayden. We purchased some artificial daisies to play with, too! Shasta picked out cute little jars with polka dot tops to dress up as wedding favors for guests. We also picked up flip flops for "bridesmaids", which Shasta decorated with daisies....

We took clothes pins off the line from out back, painted them and glued daisies to clip on to name tags for place settings for our post wedding dinner! This was so much fun and cost very little...

I love that my table shows the wear and tear of several years' activities with the kids...

When Shasta was out with a friend, she found a daisy necklace that was perfect for her special day!

Rings were decided upon and during the big day tied to Jayden's special pillow:

Oh, and we had fun playing salon at home, planning out Shasta's hair:

Stay tuned... for the "big day" photos!!

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