Friday, July 29, 2011


I long for simplicity in the home. Open spaces. Clutter free zones. If something is "there" it should be because I love it or I need it. Painting the interior of my home is giving me the chance to purge and shoot for attaining these such longings...

The walls of the kitchen are now done. Although cabinets need a lesson or two in cleanliness and the ceiling paint hasn't been purchased yet, I am enjoying the immediate results. I hope to keep the walls as empty as possible and to get the chance to reorganize cupboards so that I have less "sitting out" on vertical spaces...

Without further ado... here is my progress:

Now to decide if the next step should be the dining area:

Or the entry way:

***My dining area looks that atrocious because that's where I cleared my painting supplies... it's not that bad... The entry way, however, usually does look this bad...***

What tasks have you been tackling lately?

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