Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Big Day

Or, I could call this post "When you are the photographer"! I was so nervous heading into the wedding because I really wanted photos that awed... I wanted them to be so lovely that others would stop in their tracks and be caught up in the beauty of a fabulous wedding photo... and I felt inadequate because I still see myself as quite a beginner in this hobby.

More importantly, though, was that this was my girl's day. I knew it would be busy and I wish I could just sit and watch the day and take in each moment now, because it felt as if there just wasn't time enough for each little thing. And guess what? There really was... it did come together and it actually flowed nicely. Just, this mom's heart was fluttering... a tad bit full of emotion, yet, too busy to get caught up in it (which is probably better, anyway). I hope these ramblings make sense.

Four hundred and seventy six photos were saved on my camera card... several were deleted along the way to make room for the entire day (lesson learned: buy a few extra camera cards!!). My heart's desire was 6 photos that wowed me... 6 that stuck out as perfectly lovely... 6 that were "it". Here before me on my desk is a list of 62 photos that highlight each part of the day. I don't know that 62 should go on this post, though!! That's a lot to share. I don't think each one is terrifically fabulous, but each one is part of the heart of the day... Here are those highlights...

Show time!!!

(Ciera, Corbin and Mason visit with Jayden)

(Little Mattix!)

Chris arrives! (Bear with me, when I love a photo or it means more to me, I just can't slide-show it!) (That means, lots of photos, friends!)

Here comes the bride!!

(Shasta had just finished repeating her vows... and then kept repeating what the officiator was saying... it was cute and quite funny!)

The top of the gazebo, with the sun shining down on the newly married couple:

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Alarid!

And that, dear friends, was how the day went... along with a bit of side fun which will have to be featured in another blog post because I am quite done with this four hour blog post today!

Blessings to you all,

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