Saturday, July 23, 2011

Favorite Photos for Friday!!

On a Saturday... because life happens. Yesterday I spent hours pouring over a chapter in a digital photography book, trying to learn how to take edited photos and obtain a lovely wall portrait (not as easy as just "find a printer")(something about pixels and compression with jpeg)(usually when a hobby of mine gets difficult, I find something else to do)(I am not turning away from this hobby's challenge, though, because I love photography more than I dislike having to conquer something difficult)(maybe I am making personal progress here?). Okay, I suppose I shouldn't write out a paragraph full of almost sentences in parenthesis, so I'll start a new paragraph.

Here's my entry for this week's "high angle" theme over at Renaissance. Once again, I had no idea that high angle was going to be the theme, but as I walked along a bridge over cliffs at the ocean, I stopped to snap a picture looking down. I have three photos, unedited, showing the scene and a tiny wave breaking on the rocks. Down in the lower right corner sits an unknown fellow who seems to be enjoying some fishing.

Have a lovely weekend, friends! Blessings!

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Rebecca said...

wow. I am terrified of heights and so cliffs and I don't speak to each other. Sorta got the chills just looking at these pictures! Well done with the high angle, brave soul.