Friday, September 24, 2010

Fitness Friday!!

Writing while it is still fresh in my mind (and my body is sweaty!), I have just finished my first week of exercising at home with The Biggest Loser's Cardio Max. I am not receiving any pay for endorsing their product and no one who is anyone in their sphere has any idea who I am. 

What a week! I really do not like to exercise. But, I love the results, so I will continue. Each morning when the children are off to school and I have reviewed emails, connected with friends and checked my banking I have had to tell myself, “Time to work out.” And then I tell myself, “I really don't want to,” Mostly because it takes time. I like time. You only get time once. But, I have discovered that a half an hour of exercise enriches the rest of the time in my day because it floods me with energy. I knew this already, so why wasn't I exercising? I don't know! 

There are three levels on this video and each level increases in difficulty and is designed to take 2 weeks.  I have a feeling that each level will take me 3 weeks, but we'll see.  Also, each level has three parts, the warm up, work out and the cool down.  

Warm ups: The first day, warm ups felt like full-on cardio because I had not been physically active for so long. I was shocked at how slow I was to get moving around. By the 3rd day, warm ups were mastered.

20 Minute Cardio focus: Once again, the first day I had several stopping and walking in place moments and moved slower than the cast on the dvd. What I liked about the cast, though, were that they were real people... actually people who were once on The Biggest Loser. They were not models in cute work out clothes with perfect makeup and fine, fit bodies. I appreciate that! They have chubby! So, I felt comfortable.

Oh, the pain! I had three days rest after that first workout and was still a bit sore during the warm ups for day 2. But, I made myself stick to it and enjoyed the stretches tremendously. I have enlisted dh's help in rubbing sore muscles... he doesn't mind one bit... LOL Did I mention there has been a lot of pain? Really.

Back to the dvd. By my 4th workout, I was able to do most of the moves the entire time. My thighs get a bit worn out and BURN during these 20 minutes. So, when that gets a bit too much, I jog/dance in place, whimpering, and then get back to work... Today I had to stop about 4 times for about 10 seconds each time. And then there's the small part of the workout where you roll down and walk out on your hands and hold push up position and then do A push up, then pause and do A push up... a handful of times... and then hold push up position. This kills me. The first day I did one push up, then watch them and said, “uh-uh.” The second day I did one and held position for the rest of that time, resting on the knees occasionally. Today I did 3 of the push ups and help position for most of the time, resting twice. Did you know that push up position works your abs? You don't even have to stress out doing the push ups just hold the position!

Cool down: Well, my daughter laughed when she witnessed this part. She asked, in amazement, “Mom, do you realize you are doing yoga?” Wow. I believe in stretches. I believe in breathing. But, I don't do yoga.  The video has great stretching and breathing and no mention of any beliefs, but there is one comment of feeling the earth's energy flow through you.  There is also a naming of the stretching positions... warrior 1, 2 and 3.  I enjoyed these stretches until I learned that each position is a different prayer position to a different God.  I know many Christians who do yoga stretch and I am not telling anyone what is right or wrong for them, but, for me, I cannot stretch in positions with others knowing this information.  That is just me.  So, you be you!  For cool down, since I have followed exercise videos in the past, I will walk in place a bit, stop and do many stretches that I already know.  

And this week's tip came from my daughter, Shasta. Work out with your shoes on. She didn't mean flip flops or slippers, either. Well, I am usually barefoot and wanted to get right to exercising, but she insisted that I work out with proper shoes and not hurt my ankles or feet. 

What are you doing to get some exercise?  Brisk walks?  Jogging?  Exercise videos?  Work outs at a gym?  Swimming?  Tennis or some such sport?  Let me know!

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