Sunday, September 26, 2010

Golden Memories - Friday Night

Gazing out at the ocean, Victor said, "Today has been one of the best days!"
"Yeah, " I replied, "It's been one of those golden days... a day that you always remember as special... a day that you'll look back on in many years from now and be able to picture the memories in your mind, clear as can be.  We've created a golden memory to last forever."

Well, it might sound a little sappy, but that is actually pretty close to how the conversation went yesterday.  The golden memory actually started the night before.

We live in a school district that takes 3 breaks during the year, in addition to holidays and summers.  Our summer breaks are short because of this.  It's quite frustrating in ways and I would rather have fewer breaks and longer summers, myself.  This past Friday was the last day prior to fall break and I wanted to spend the day with Joseph and Victor doing something extra special.  After several errands and arriving home, I knew that dinner would be late.  We were hungry, so we had dessert first!  Then Rebekah came up with a spontaneous idea to take our chicken to the park and have a picnic... in the dark!  So there we were, the four boys, Bek and I, traipsing down the street to the park at 8pm, with not just the chicken, but with two flashlights to boot!

I had pictured several more street lamps at the park.  No one was there.  It was quiet.  Well, it would have been quiet, but we were there!!  In no time at all, the chicken was consumed.  Let the fun begin!!

Don't let the sequence of pictures fool you.  Clayton was not an onlooker, he was in on the tire swing fun, too!  But, I love picture taking opportunities and thought this was a neat shot!

I've always enjoyed looking at other mom's pictures of their children in the sun ray pose... all the heads together in a circle, bodies extending out like rays of the sun... Occasionally I give it a try with whoever happens to be around.  Since there was a bench to stand on and grass nearby, I got these kiddos out there to give the shot a try... It isn't so easy!
Oh, well... group shots aren't easy, anyway!  We were getting tired (ha, that is so not true, the kids wanted to play hide and seek in the dark, but I said NO!  It would have been loads of fun, but not in a public park with minimal lighting... Actually, that does sound like fun, but not for the mom who would be worried the entire time that a child would go missing...).  So, back to the story.  We were getting tired (yeah, right), so I sent them to roost and skipped home for more dessert (Not really, but they did try roosting!)

Wow, with my height and perspective, this shot gives Clayton extra long legs and Bigfoot feet!

I am out of time this morning, so I will have to come back and add on the fun we had on Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Those were a couple of golden days thats for sure! I'm so glad I could share in those memories. I can't WAIT to see what we can come up with next time!!