Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tackle A Task, Day 1

Today my left and right hand men were Clayton and Cody. They wiped, swept, stacked, replaced and made several trips to the van with bags to donate. It feels great to have the kitchen all tidy and organized. Don't even think of bursting my bubble by wondering how long it will stay this way...

Oh, the most "fun" part of the task?  I put on 80's music and "tripped out" my kids singing along with The Bangles "Walk Like an Egyptian"!

Here are "our" before and after pictures:

Wow, it feels so good to have done this!  It took the boys and I about 3 hours.  The insides of the cupboards were cleaned out, too.  Each item on top of the cupboards were coated with sticky dust... now they are so fresh and clean.  I now know where things are, once again, for the holidays!  The before and after of on top of the fridge are my favorite contrasts... ha ha.  Let's hope this stays fresh a while...

By the way, I am  having trouble learning how to put my pictures on here side by side... does anyone know?  For these shots, I was using the photo tab here at blogger to add images.  

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Carolyn said...

Well sweet niece that didn't take to long with the good helpers you you had there GJALL love Aunt Carolyn