Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This morning's task was before me.  Papers were sorted and filed.  I even used dusting spray on the desk!  The best part of all, though, was in moving some "stuff" around (you know, the stuff that multiplies on vertical surfaces while you sleep!) and finding a lovely treasure.

To some, it would need to be tossed in the trash.  There's really no monetary value in it.  It's a small tri-fold photo frame that had been sent to my grandmother when my first 5 children were young.  Then it was sent back to me when grandmother had passed.  And I could not get the photos out!  They are stuck to the glass as stuck as stuck can be.  And I am not one who can toss away a photo that I love.  And each of these photos I really do love.  And I am sure that I have the same photos in an album in another room... but, they are not framed and they weren't sent to grandmother and well... Did you know you're not supposed to start sentences with "and"?  And I know you are not supposed to start sentences with the same word over and over, too... And I am pretty sure there must be a rule regarding putting so many dots in between sentences.  I think I pause longer at the end of a sentence... hmmm... (You did know that I am Queen of Dots, right?)

The photos were a great interruption during this morning's desk cleaning venture.  I love these children so!

In this photo, Shasta is to the right in a "Mary Poppins" dress that I made for her.  That was one of our favorite family time movies when she was little.  She had not lost her top baby teeth yet.  To the left is Rebekah, sitting there reminding me that her hair took forever to grow... Shasta's hair was always down her back and Rebekah's just sat on top of her shoulders for years.  And what a blondie she was.  Gosh, I just want to hug her once more!  There's little Julie in the middle of it all... with all that character shouting out "Merry Christmas!".  She was born with such a vibrant personality!

Around this same time, I made Shasta a lovely dress and this was one of the photos where she wore it.  Moms can always tell when a smile is "put" on and when it is coming out from the heart and while this smile seems "planned", I love the profile!!

Then, there were my boys!!

Here is Stephen and Nathan.  What adorable little fellows.  Stephen was always the kind, gentleman as a boy.  Nathaniel was more of the "look over your shoulder and see what you can get away with" kind of boy.  They were both SO endearing.

So, I sit and enjoy some sweet recollections.  Going back to days when they were babes nursing in my arms.  Recalling the giggles and grins.  Thinking back to some of those very tired afternoons when just as I was falling asleep for a nap, one of them would get into trouble and I'd make myself get up and teach them... wishing I could just ignore that they needed a reprimand... but, knowing that helping them learn to get along and obey was more important than my bit of sleep.  Wishing for a day in each of their little lives to go back and kiss their cheeks, read them another story, sing to them.  Thankful that I have each of those precious memories.

Some days that is all that we have... a beautiful memory to hold on to.  I'll take it!

And since I know that today is here for me to live fully, I will now brainstorm for some grand plan to make today a beautiful memory that will be cherished as well...

Do you have a beautiful memory today?  What will you do to make today's day memorable?  If you are home with young ones, perhaps lunch on a blanket in the yard?  Story time with piles of pillows in the living room? Let me know!


Anonymous said...

Awww mommy! I have SO many good memories that are endearing and even tho I was the child, I hold them close to my heart also! I cherish each opportunity to make new ones with you and loved that you took this opportunity to look back and remember. and mommy... I love you.

MissMOE said...

Love traveling down memory lane. Your memories are just so precious. Recently while cleaning my room, I found an article about a design hop group I use to belong to. It brought back memories of the comradery that we all shared while enjoying each other's company and exchanging ideas.

Karla Marie said...

One of my favorite memories that I cherish with my children, personally, for me is when I find out we're HAVING A BABY. Specifically, I can remember Kameo's news of our expecting her was June 15th, 1997. Donavon's news came in December 1998...I don't recall the exact date of discovery...however, leading up to it, I had had an ovarian cyst for several months, and finally got in for a ultrasound...and at that time, the tech showed me the absence of the once painful cyst that the doctor had 'accidentally' ruptured during the exam two weeks previous....AND she also showed me the cute little eggs on my ovaries...it was so cool....and cute...and ONE OF THOSE LITTLE NUBS was DONAVON! ;) Hee hee. Then Jonathan's first day of knowing was....drum roll, June 15th, 2003. He was born the day after Kameo's 6th birthday. ;)
Well, I thought I'd never have another 'memory' like those.
Well, September 10th, 2010 is now on my list of baby news memories. lol
I won't even go into the drama that unfolded in this 37, almost 38 year old womans life that night. LOL However, now there is a magic that is held in the date of 9/10. :)
Thanks for all the neat sharing you do. You're a great writer and a wonderful woman. ;)

Betty Marie said...

Thanks MissMOE.
And Congratulations, Karla! May this new life bring you incredible, unforeseen beauty and richness.