Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just about half way there...

About 19 weeks ago I picked my daughter up from work and she asked if we could stop by the store on the way home for "something".  I was suspicious.  The next day she asked if, when I delivered lunch to her work,  I would come in.  Now I absolutely knew.  She was expecting.  I hugged her for a long time and repeated what had been spoken to me 20 years ago, "The most important thing for you to do is to love that baby."

Of course there are concerns that every parent has... when will she get married?  Will that be the right choice for the long-term future?  When will she get a car?  What about jobs, paying bills and living in her own place? 

But, first, there had to be lots of hugs.  And anti-nausea "prego-pops"! 

It's easy to focus on the negative sometimes.  Other times it's easy to focus on the positives and not take a realistic look over the big picture.  So, I've been trying to find the balance.

A lot has happened in 19 weeks... she and her fiancee have a car now.  He got a very good job, great pay and benefits.  They even moved into a very small apartment.  No, this is not what I would pick for her.  But, I respect that she is an adult on her life path... and I respect that she doesn't want a shotgun wedding.  The next several months, though I will excitedly anticipate having a grandchild, I will pray earnestly that her decision to marry will be sound and will have a commitment of a lifetime and that each of them will choose to seek God and His ways and give their lives wholly to Him. 

Shasta reads a lot.  She devoured the "What to Expect While Expecting" book.  She religiously keeps track of what drinks and foods are good for the baby and what to avoid.  She is about to start the "What to Expect the First Year" book and she is nervous about taking care of a newborn.  Her heart is full of love for this little one.  She is a terrific cook and knows how to clean "for real" (my term when I mean that we do not clean half way!) and she is so very excited.  She has great plans for her own future... plans to take some college classes and I know that while she will enjoy motherhood and it will be difficult, she will still have dreams for her own future.  And this mom (me!) will be here to listen, advise and cheer her on.  She will hear enough negative out there. 
This little giraffe play Brahm's Lullaby:

She came by a few days ago and spent the night here at home and we went together for the ultrasound.  I had been having a "boy" vibe the past week.  She had a couple of "it's a boy" dreams.  We were counting the hours.  I was so excited to peek at my grandchild no matter what the sex was!  It was beautiful to see the bottoms of his feet.  Cute little "footprints" right there!  And to see him wave arms and legs.  Looked like he had fingers in his mouth at one time!  We laughed when it appeared that he sneezed... knowing he isn't breathing, but that's just what it looked like.  And he tried to keep his legs crossed and hide the plumbing... but the doctor had a few tricks to get him to roll over and we saw... the doctor said "99.9999% sure this is a boy". 

Jaden Michael is the name at this time... I say that because sometimes Chris isn't really, really sure he wants that to be the name.  I told them they have to decide for real, because if grandma wants to make something personalized with his name, grandma doesn't want the name changing!

And the cutest thing!  My dad and his dear wife didn't want to know the sex of the baby... they wanted to be surprised.  So, Shasta put on her facebook, "If you want to know the sex of the baby, go to this site".  It's an adorable baby site she has worked on.  Well, then dad knew that we all knew... and he gave in... he had to know, too!

Thank you to all who have given such beautiful comments and prayers.  When most of your friends and family are Christian, and your unwed daughter conceives, you don't hear very many, "Congratulations!"  There is a bit more of a somber feel to it.  But, there is beauty in knowing that God is sovereign.  He made Shasta and He has made her son... in the womb this child has been fashioned by a great God.  He has an eternal purpose.  Now... just about 20 more weeks to go... which is very good... 20 weeks to cover with prayer.


Anonymous said...

This is amaaazing! Im sure shasta's baby boy will turn out wonderfully with a christian grandma and a loving mom and dad. hopefully shasta will get some education and a job too so that baby can be spoiled! i can tell your a good mom. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey mommy <3 ur gonna have so much fun with lil jayden around. just dont treat him like jonah if ya know what i mean... lol. alright well i got homework to do... but ill comment on ur next post! keep us all updated :) lalalalal0000ve Julie


This little one all ready has such a caring, loving family. Your daughter sounds wonderful! You are a great example to others.