Sunday, September 19, 2010

Join me in prayer for Chloe Micheel, Chris and Sonia

A dear granddaughter has been fashioned by our Father, God.  She is 28 weeks along in the womb and her parents are doing their best to prepare for her.  Sonia, my dear daughter-in-law, is a sweet, loving mom of Christopher (I've posted pictures of when I've had the joy of taking care of him).  Sonia is a very conscientious person... always pays attention to details and makes the best decisions that she can.  Chris is a proud dad who cares deeply for his children.

This past week Sonia took Thursday and Friday off from work and was very excited about the baby shower for Chloe.  I worked diligently on a gift I have made for Sonia and this sweet baby girl.  I was about to shop one more time for some gifts for the shower when I received the call.

At a routine appointment the doctor determined that Chloe had not grown as she should have and there were causes for alarm.  Sonia went by ambulance to Walnut Creek's hospital, which  boasts of an excellent neo-natal center.  For the next day we waited for news... for information... for an explanation.  Doctors have been careful to help Sonia rest comfortably and with the maximum amount of peace for the situation that she is in.  I am not sure the official name of the diagnosis, but Sonia's placenta is not working as it should and the baby is not growing like she should.  There are also great concerns for Sonia's health in this, too.  So, at this time, she and the staff at the hospital are ready to deliver the baby at any time that it is deemed best for Sonia or for the baby's health.  Sonia is merely 28 weeks along and the baby's due date is December 8th.

Please join us in prayer.  Not only is Sonia not going to be released by the hospital until after the baby's birth, and therefore is unable to continue working, but Chris is on call to be available for the decision to deliver the baby at any moment, so he is very unsure as to when he will be able to work.  Little Christopher, who will be 3 in November, is very unhappy that mom and dad are not home taking care of him and I know that weighs heavy on Sonia's heart.

The goal is to keep the baby in the womb as long as possible for further development.  Every day is significant.

Thank you for holding Chris, Sonia, Little Christopher and baby Chloe Micheel in your hearts and prayers.

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Karla Marie said...

They are all in our prayers. Love you, dear. God bless.