Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Update on Baby Chloe and Sonia and Chris!

I heard wonderful news from Sonia today.  Baby Chloe has gone from the 5th percentile to the 17th!!  Sonia's health is quite stable, but they are not willing to risk sending her some because if something could go wrong, they only have a small window of time to take care of mom and baby.  It is now the plan to move her to a postpartum room where she can stay monitored and wait for several more weeks.  The projected date for having the baby is no longer "this week" but at her 34 week gestation mark... she is officially 29 weeks today!  So, 5 more weeks to go is the goal.

Thank you so very much for those who have been praying for them.  Chris is even headed back to work, Lord willing, in a few days.  Shasta and I made some goodies for Sonia, which will be revealed in a future post.... We are all breathing easier and able to feel some of the joy of expecting the baby once more.  Praise be to God!!!!  I wish I had a photo of the loveliest sight from the other morning.  Someone special called Sonia on the phone to pray for her, Chloe and Chris.  Chris placed on hand on the baby, one hand on Sonia's heart and they each closed their eyes in prayer.  It was very beautiful.  Thank you, God, for bringing our family closer through this and please continue to bless Chloe's development and Sonia's health.  Mold Chris into the man you want him to be to lead this family. 

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