Saturday, January 22, 2011

Soup's On!!

I feel rather proud of myself.  Since I don't enjoy spending time in the kitchen... and since I have not always been as thrifty as I could be in using "leftovers", I had quite a successful previous week!

I baked a turkey.  The next day Scott used some of the meat to make tortilla wraps, with avacado, lettuce, tomato.  Yumm.  He made me a couple of them, too.  It was so sweet to be served!  (Thanks, honey!)

Then, I diced up potatoes and carrots, cooked them up and used half of them for a turkey pie.  My girl, Shasta, helped put it all together with a fresh pie crust and dinner was served.  (We used gravy from a jar... it was simple and tasty!  No leftovers!)

The next night I used the rest of the previously cooked potatoes and carrots in an adapted version of turkey soup from here   I really enjoy Savannah's cooking site because she does the work and enjoys it all, and I just copy her!  I took her turkey soup recipe and used my turkey leftovers, otherwise following her recipe.  But, then, Scott came into the kitchen and tossed in some pasta... right into my pot!

 This morning I am making stew, following a recipe from the cooking section of Pioneer Woman's blog

And that's what's been up around here for meal time...

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Savannah McQueen said... glad you turned this recipe into your own. In my opinion that is they way cooking should be. I'll try it your way now. Great pics!