Friday, January 7, 2011

To merge Toby Mac and my garage...

This morning I was really, really enjoying my music playlist.  The one where each song speaks volumes and reaches deep down inside of me.  I sat, stitching and taking in the words, once again marveling at how music ministers and goes where nothing else quite makes it.  Don't know if that rings true to anyone else or if that makes sense... but, I was having a fabulous, sentimental time.  Then, I put down my stitching and figured I'd post before and after pictures for week 1 in the garage.  And Toby Mac happened to be singing Made To Love and as I looked at the before pictures, he sings out, "Anything I would give up for you.  Everything.  I'd give it all away."!!!!  It that too funny, or what?

I always have to begin in a corner and work my way through.  One end to the other.  So, I found myself at my washer and dryer area.  And, oh the joy when everyone started seeing clean clothes sorted and handed out!  Here are my before pictures... (grimace)(shudder)

So,  I went and took pictures, then took a 10 minute break...  (Does anyone "get" me?)  Then I went and sorted laundry.  And took a 10 minute break.  Then I completed about 3 sessions, 15 minutes each, sorting and cleaning.  Donate.  Trash.  Recycling.  Set over here until later....  And here are my after photos!  Oh, and in my defense I must say that when I took 10 minute breaks... I was really in the kitchen cleaning or cooking or making my bed or some such thing.  Yeah.  That'll do.  (I DID do those things... but I also sat, sipping coffee and watching Kelly and Regis for a spell, too...)

I got so excited to have a clean area!  There's some scientific principle or law.  The law of momentum?  Is that what it is called?  Well, it worked.  I was so happy with moving forward, that I just kept going.  But, I have a bit more work to do in the next area, so I don't have more photos to share.

Blessings to all of you, friends!

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