Sunday, January 23, 2011

Work, Play, and play some more!

Saturday was beautiful and warm... sunny and clear... a day of work and play.  The guys were busy trimming trees and hauling brush.

Most of the photos that I share are just "ooc" (out of camera) (wow, how's that for camera terminology!)  I rarely play too much with them at photo sites, but I fell in love with this one and goofing around with it... Here is is OOC and then "messed with" at Picnik...

Because there was no wind in the evening, they were rewarded with bon-fire time. 
I was amazed at what my camera caught... I had it on night shooting because I don't know enough about manual settings in the dark with sparks to capture just the right shot.  I am impressed at what the camera did all on it's own.  In one of them you see each speck of ash floating in the air!!

Now I am off to relax a bit on this day of rest... being thankful for all the blessings in life... and patiently waiting for my grandson to make his grand arrival (soon... very soon... we hope... I think... !)

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