Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stitching my way through the year...

Well, I just came off of 4 days at the job... Now I have 4 days off!!  I feel just giddy!  Bring on the garage work... bring on the naps... bring on the homework projects... this momma is ready!

Okay, now that I got that out of my system... what I am really here for this morning is to share my love/hate relationship with cross stitching.  I love it because when it is done, I find it beautiful!  I love it because it requires me to (usually) sit and focus.  Well, I am not sure about that last statement.  I don't usually sit and focus because I want to.  So, cross stitching forces me to and I am not sure that I love that!  There are many things that I hate about it.  I never count each area correctly and my creations never match the original plan exactly.  I have to improvise here and there.  I hate it because it takes me forever to finish a larger project.  As in two years for this one:

 And a year or so for this one:

I am sad to say that I did a very cute bears and toys stocking for my son Stephen when he was a little guy... and it got lost. 

One day, a few years ago (4 years to be precise), my oldest daughter and I were out at a craft store.  She was about to turn 16.  We had not been getting along real well for the previous 4 years and I looked for opportunities to show her how much I truly loved her... even though we had experienced life on the rocky road... We slowly browsed the aisles, talking about how we'd like to make this or that (she is crafty like me) and when we came to the cross stitch aisle, this picture caught her attention.  She has always loved the angel and princess theme and I saw the admiration in her eyes, so I asked if she'd like me to make this for her.  I had NO idea what a big project it would be.  Truth be told, I have many times taken this out, telling myself to just do a little every day... only to put it all away and ignore it for months on end.  It has been our joke that this was to be her 16th birthday gift... then her 18th birthday gift... then her 21st.  She turns 21 this March and I am quite sure it will not be finished.  So, we started looking for other life landmarks to attach this gift to... We said maybe it would be ready to put in her nursery when she has a baby.  She is due any day now, so that is out.

In any event, I declared 2011 the "year of the cross stitch".  I joined a forum group that is going to post pictures and share their "handiwork" projects once a month this year.  I figure I'll share my progress here at my own "Holly Hobby" place, too.

These two pictures are what I started with this year.

And here is what I have added in, the first 10 days of the year.

Now I suppose I should set this aside and head into the monstrous garage for some more clearing, cleaning and organizing...

Blessings, Friends!

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