Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stitchin' through January... weeks' 2 and 3

Whether it's a doctor appointment for my expecting daughter or an evening relaxing, I have been trying to continue this large project.  It seems like I get very little done when I look at the entire project... So, anyone who wants to encourage me along here, I'd sure enjoy the comments!  LOL

Now I am off to work on basic chores and the garage for a spell... Is there a way to glamorize all that us moms and wives do?  I suppose the best way of working through chore days is with some music and plans in the back of your mind that you toss around... plans to gather 'round the table at night to play games and sip on tea or cocoa or some such thing... plans to enjoy life fully. 

May your weekend be blessed! 

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Anonymous said...

You got this mommy! lol.