Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wonder of Weekends!

So... I was bored.  Really restless.  And I decided that I needed to go on a beauty hunt with my camera.  There was still a bit of day light, so I grabbed my camera and set out to see what I could see.
 (I didn't go far... in fact, I just stayed in my own yard... I guess I wasn't too adventurous... but, it is cold outside, baby!)

I was going to head out back... but, I got distracted. Then, we were hungry.  And it was Friday night.  I talked my dear one into taking us to one of my favorite places.... Skipolinis!  I particularly like it here because there's so much "scope for the imagination" (Anne of Green Gables).  Really.  There is.  Take this, for example: (you need to click on it to enlarge it to get the sparkling lights effect)
Night time... outside.. under heat lamps... music playing...
This place boasts a Prego Pizza,

which is supposed to encourage labor, so we were interested for Shasta's sake, because about now she is looking like this:
Anyway, we had a lovely evening and I was ever-so-thankful that I remembered to bring my camera!

(That's saw dust on the floor... something about it absorbing grease when food is dropped... some such nonsense... but, it's fun to walk on!  I've been getting ideas for my kitchen!)
And with all the inspiration of flowers and sparkling lights, we were motivated to take couples photos:


So, to wrap it all up... yes, my dear one did buy me a lovely rose and flower... no, my daughter did not go into labor for having eaten the Prego Pizza.  Drats.

Then, Sunday came and I had a beautiful time at Bible study and enjoyed the church service very much, ate a quick lunch and drove my 16 year old girl back to Santa Cruz and picked up two of my boys at the same time, then drove back home to feed us delightful home-made sub sandwiches, followed by Bible time and internet research to discuss why what they are being taught about evolution isn't necessarily truth... and now after blogging a bit, it's time for some sleep.  Blessings to you and your families...

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