Monday, January 3, 2011

A little bit of something I didn't share before...

During Thanksgiving week, several weeks back, my girl, Rebekah and I began putting together a couple of quilts that were Christmas gifts to my moms.

I have not quilted before.  I have not read quilting books.  I have not watching quilting.  But, I have internet.  And I had been given several quilt tops.  They were made by other women and are quite old fashioned looking.  There was a crazy quilt and a log cabin quilt and this one that has hexagons all stitched together.  And a couple of others.  I figured these would be great gifts.  All I needed to do was get filler and a backing and voila, I'd have a gift to give!

So, I read at a few sites.  Knowing that you were supposed to layer them and start by pinning the layers in the middle and work out from there, I got busy.  Oh, good grief!  Each time I held up the pinned quilt, sides no longer matched up and material had slid here or there and was poofy.

Rebekah, seeing my frustration and noticing the uneven edges of the quilt suggested that we lay out the layers and as a team start on one side that matched up and continue holding the edges tight and work our way across.  I gave that suggestion my finest protest, "The website says you have to start in the middle!"  So, she asked, "How's that working out for you, mom?"

It was a great evening.  She and I worked together and pinned it, then tied it and it all came together.  Following steps for the binding proved much easier and in no time, one gift was complete... a perfect starter project... a lap quilt. 

The next quilt was full sized and Rebekah was no where around... something about college classes and all.  So, Cody worked with me and we got the next quilt pinned and tied.

I was very excited about each project and wanted to share pictures and blog about them, but these were gifts and the recipients are readers of said blog.  So, I had to wait.  Since I have nothing to do this morning, here I am writing about it.  (I have SO much to do... it's unbelievable!)

Anyway, here are the pictures that I took.  Now that they are no longer at my house, I wish I had taken more pictures.  Sigh.

This first one was for my mom, Rita.  She has always loved earth tones, so when I saw this quilt top, I knew it was for her.  This was my very first border/binding and I wish I had made it wider, but, anyway...


And, sadly, the only picture that I can find of the next quilt, has our cat, Tiger, sleeping on it.  Ironically, this quilt was for my mom, Linda, who does not prefer cats.  Oops!


Since we are on a blanket-y topic, I will also share photos of the receiving blankets that I made for my daughter-in-law, Sonia and my daughter, Shasta.  I found an excellent website that walked me through making a lovely crochet border and I was so pleased to share these blankets with baby Chloe and baby Jayden.

Here is the link to the website that I used for these:

Have a lovely week... I think my next post will be before and after pictures as I tackle our most horrible garage.  Or perhaps the first part of Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook.  Or my year long 2011 goal of completing a stitching that I began 4 years ago.  Or a tasty meal that we made and liked.  Hopefully no one has noticed that I have ignored Fitness Friday.  Sh!  I'm pretending...

What are you up to, this first week of the year?

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