Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Christmas of 2010, Part 2

Nick and Lily

Rebekah... yep, she's the one who had the lengthy visit with Santa!  Just check these out!
Who's the one making a list and checking it twice??
Nick, letting Bek know that it's time to leave, her time is up... others are waiting for Santa, too!

 Julie,  Bub, Zoey, ZoeyBub, This is her!

Did you catch that??  Who watches Santa?  Who decides if he's been naughty of nice?  Someone call Mrs. Claus... we caught him up to mischief right there!  (Tickling Cody... which was actually good because Cody tends to have a "fake" smile)

And sweet baby Chloe
And if you took time to look at them all, thanks!  But, we're only half done!!  Just kidding... kind of...
Here are random shots from the party!

(Chris, Sonia and their two adorable children!!)
And this grandma loved (absolutely loved, I tell you!) taking a turn to hold little Chloe.  Chloe is now a bit over 5 pounds.  
And with that perfectly adorable ending, I will sign off...

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