Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Bokeh New Year!

Someone tipped me on this one.  Now it's my favorite word.  It even takes the place of "aperture".  It's bokeh! That is the technical term for the blur you get when you focus on something and it pops out and the background blurs... bokeh. 

So, while everyone was considering peace on Earth and taking in Christmas cheer, I was keeping an eye out for bokeh opportunities.  I did consider peace.  I thought long and hard about "Peace, Peace, but there is no Peace" and what Jesus means to us.  Each day is so full right now... children coming and going, visits to parents and dinner with family... handling laundry and mealtimes.  Honestly, my musings about peace and this lovely season came when I stole time away from everyone.  I had such profound thoughts and was eager to write them out and share them... but, I forget what conclusions I came to and all that I am left with this evening is... bokeh.

Here are my favorite shots of the past few days.  Some have bokeh.  Others don't, but I really liked them.

 Frodo is a patient, kind dog.  He doesn't really mind my photo shoots... and besides, it was cold outside that day...

 These next few lovely ornament photos were taken at Scott's sister's home.  We had a delicious Christmas dinner, exchanged gifts and played a couple of games.

 Pappa dressed up as Santa and went outside and we called little Noah and told him that someone was at the door.  Here he is greeting Santa!
He promptly ran upstairs to get away.  Then came back into the room and went to hide in between the corners of the couches.  Taylor laughed until she cried.  It was so much fun.  Noah finally got on Santa's lap.

Here are our gift sharing photos... followed by our game time fun...

Good night, everyone.  Tomorrow is a new day with all sorts of surprises and fun happenings!  Blessings to you and may you have peace.

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Savannah McQueen said...

You go girl! Your pictures are getting so the rose up against the house. The nutcracker was crystal clear. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!