Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Christmas of 2010, Part 3

This is the first year that several of my children will divide their holiday between two parents and households.  Which explains why I have been posting about our "First Christmas", which was last weekend.  We woke up Sunday morning to open goodies in stockings and unwrap presents. 

Many posts are written in my heart and mind for my blog.  I envision writing sentimental bits and sharing beautiful moments.  When I sit and begin to write, sometimes that all comes together and I am quite satisfied.  Other times I start and it doesn't flow and the posts turn into "let's just put up several pictures with comments".  And that's where I have been for a few days now.  Looks like I will continue to daydream about a fabulous Christmas post and I hope that many of my thoughts and deep feelings get portrayed, but, for now, we'll have a few slide shows and posts of favorite photos.

Here are a couple of extra pretty shots..
(She did not like posing for me... but as I say around here, you don't have to like it, you just have to do it.)
And... I don't think it was too horrible for her to take those photos... I think she might even like a couple of them.

May your week be blessed.  It's kind of lovely having a good bit of the festivities already done.  It's nice to sit back and enjoy.  Looking at their photos, loving them even if they are not right here with me.  Now I look forward to Christmas Eve at church, Christmas morning with Clayton, Cody.  I can hardly wait for phone calls from parents and friends on Christmas day!!  I have been eagerly anticipating calls from my parents.  Then we will enjoy Christmas day at Scott's sister, Kelly's home. 
And life moves forward from there, visits from friends, New Year's party for the children, then watching Shasta nest as she prepares for delivering her son.
I'll take this week... each moment and breathe it in... the peace... the quiet... memories... love... lessons.

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