Monday, December 13, 2010


First, to my beloved Sony Cybershot.  Thank you.  You have served me well.  You've done an excellent job of capturing many fantastic "things".  I bid you adieu.  You go to a good place... my daughter will continue to love you and use you.  Serve her well.

Hello, Canon!!  When I arrived and unsuspectingly opened the car door, there you were... just waiting for me!
Here are last shots with the old camera of me enjoying my new camera:

Do you see that?  Look close.  Simple things give such joy.  The edges of my camera strap are red.  Red is beautiful.  Very few things can beat a beautiful red.


And, I ask you, is there any other way to go somewhere than this?

Out I went, to photograph the boys raking leaves...  Scott followed me with my old camera, taking pictures of me having fun!

While taking pictures, Clayton called out, "Hey, mom, you could be the potsarazzi!"  He meant papparazzi.
Obviously, I fell over laughing.


Now, those pictures above were taken by my Sony Cyber-Shot and had to be doctored up to fix color and lighting  a bit.  Here are some, unedited, taken by my Canon.

Now, to figure out how to enlarge them a tad so you can see the details!  And to learn a few of the settings on the camera (there are more than a few... sigh...).

We headed out to get some groceries and stopped to get a bite to eat.  I had my camera around my neck, then tucked it inside my zippered sweatshirt.  Scott seemed amused and I said, "Hey, did you know that food tastes better with a Canon?"

It does.


Savannah McQueen said...

Congratulations. I love my Canon Rebel...I got it 2 years ago and it is the best gift my husband has given me in years.

Anonymous said...

haha i cant see the red straps because it blends in with your red shirt!! red red red red!!!!