Monday, December 6, 2010

This week's goals!!

Time to get back on track a bit.  I feel like I have been "wandering" lately.  It's not that I have been any busier.  But, I have been very restless.  Sometimes a good "to-do" list helps with that.  In a way it is a comfort to see, written down, what is going on in your life. 

This week I am going to try to:

Exercise each day,
Bible study,  each day
visit with oldest daughter, Shasta,
clean up in the garage a bit,
decorate for Christmas, 
call Dr. to schedule surgery...
finish school project with Victor
finish sewing project,
start wrapping gifts, 
work on school projects with Joseph,
plan nice dinner and family time,
mail one more box at the post office,
get prayers listed in prayer journal,
avoid spending money,
keep housework done (time to dust again!),
keep laundry done

Well, truth be told, I still feel restless.  I believe I will have to find comfort in Scott Peck's words:

"... But the Jesus of the Gospels who some suggest is the best kept secret of Christianity did not have much "peace of mind" as we ordinarily think of peace of mind in the world's terms, and insofar as we can be His followers, perhaps we won't either."  Jesus didn't, you know.  But, He is the Prince of Peace and for that, I will be clinging to him today.

In the written piece, "One Solitary Life" we read that Jesus was born of a peasant woman, never wrote a book, never held an office, never owned a house, didn't go to college, never traveled 200 miles from where he was born, was not popular, was deserted by friends... 

In Isaiah 53:2-7 we read that Jesus took on our sicknesses and sorrows, stricken by God, crushed for our iniquities, and although sad, absolutely beautiful is that the punishment put on him brought us peace and communion with God. 

Honestly, I feel not just restless.  I feel a bit of discontentment creeping in. 

Time to follow Jesus' example.  He often stole away and talked to God.  Time for me to do the same.  And I know without a doubt that by doing so, God will still my restless heart.

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