Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looking at Christmas with a new lens!

Waking up at 4:30 this morning meant that I was eager to read up on more aperture and shutter speed settings on my camera.  Scott advised me to take notes.  12 hours later, I think he gave good advice.  Although, I DO know where to find the information whenever I want it.  On the other hand, taking notes on successes with settings might help me to track it all....  But, this isn't what I signed on to write about... so, I'll share the shots of the day and minimally narrate!

Shasta and I were at the table for hours today.
 While we were busily wrapping, Tiger napped... no doubt dreaming that he was a gift to our family!
 And Starburst had breakfast, followed by a bath!
(You can see the water drops in the air!!!!)(Click on the photo to enlarge it and see the water spray off of him!)
 And while all this was in full swing, Scott detailed my vehicle and then got down Christmas boxes from the rafters.
Here are our snowmen pictures!

Some random shots...

Here are the shots that I really tried to work with my manual settings to get the sparkle of the lights...

So, yeah, that's how my day today was... Oh, shoot, I forgot to take a picture of the lit garland circling around the room!  Better get my card back in the camera and go get busy!

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Savannah McQueen said...

Oh Betty you are making progress with that camera. The notes were a great idea.