Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Chloe has been born!

She was born today at 12:18 at 1 pound, 14 ounces. Sonia is in recovery from the c-section. Chloe breathed on her own just fine and when they were wiping her down and getting her "needs" taken care of (oxygen and iv) she kept fighting them with her arms, hands and legs, so they had to strap her down a while! So, she's a fighter. We're looking forward to updates... Dr. says the first 2-4 hours are really important...

Thank you for the continued prayers!

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Karla Marie said...

YAY! Praise GOD for His tender mercies! :) Our contiued prayers and thoughts will be sent Baby Chloe's way, especially for mommy and daddy, as they go through the next few months with their newest addition. <3