Monday, October 25, 2010

Tackle a Task !! Before and After pics... and this week's goals!

I started to doubt about my target date for getting each room, garage and trailer clean and organized.  I worked several days and wasn't very motivated.  But then I had two days in a row home and just got to it. 

Here is how it went, in pictures!

First, my desk... as clean as it gets!

Next, my dressers and night stands, before and afters:

I forgot to get a "before" on this, but the dresser top was cluttered with notebooks, papers, pens...

I got insides of drawers sorted, minimized and tidied.  The closet, too.  I started to put off doing the hall closet, but when the holidays are here the last thing I want is to open that closet and see coats fallen off hangers and the wrapping paper box all messed up and game pieces on the floor!  So, I got that cleaned up, but didn't take photos...

Two more weeks to go and I'll have hit my target date!

This week's tasks include:

Maintaining areas previously cleaned (dust once, keep up on the kitchen!)
Wash all doors, frames, knobs and wall touch ups
Clean inside of trailer... two days...
Front and back yard... handle any clutter, sweep patios, etc.

And that will take me to next week... the final week.

What have you been up to?  

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