Friday, October 22, 2010

Time for Fitness Friday!

This week's update promises to be fun!  And that's what exercise should be... in my life, anyway.  Because if I am not feeling a bit happy and it is painful or boring... well, if I am going to have my heart rate soaring and sweat dripping from my brow, I'd better have some fun to go along with it!

Last weekend my Julie Girl was here and she had been hearing me talk about working out.  She gets more excited about the whole exercise thing than I do.  She was super encouraging, too!  We took time in our weekend together to work out to the dvd I am using.  I can now get through levels 1 and 2 fairly well... I still take little "walk in place" breaks.  So, we had my playlist blaring, the dvd in and were going to it and Nathan took a few videos...

Let me say, this is a bit... umm... humbling.  I guess that's the right word.  I don't like people seeing my "chubby", but, here it is!  Because I can't cover it up and work out, too!  So,  maybe... hopefully... this will make me a bit more real to some of you.  Maybe you will be encouraged.  I am learning so much about myself right now... and embracing who I am.  It's very healing.  It's very freeing.  That's what I wish for every lady out there... to know who you are, to take care of yourself, to love yourself and others, no matter what your height, weight, size.  We are here on purpose.  Our lives matter to others and someone out there has counted on you and been blessed because you are here.

So, now that I've had my contemplative, mushy moment... here are the videos!!

This one makes me laugh... I knew he was videotaping and he tells me to "go".  But, I didn't want him to keep the film rolling... especially when I have to take momentary "breaks"... Sometimes to get back on track, because coordination isn't always my best trait...

And when you see this one... you will totally back me in my statement regarding coordination... lol.

And this one really makes me laugh!!  

Yes, it was fun to have someone to exercise with.  It was a lot more fun than being in my living room doing this alone. 

I love my family so much.  I started this whole exercise thing primarily because I was much less flexible than I used to be and kept feeling stiff and "old".  Heart health is a great motivation, too, since heart disease runs in my family.  But, the highest motivation is for my family.  I want to share life to the fullest with them.  If we are out at a park, I want to run with them!  If we are at waterslides, count me in!  The day will come when I do less of that, but today is not that day!  I believe that a sovereign God orders our purposes and the days that we live... and I want to embrace those days with energy and liveliness.  

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