Monday, October 11, 2010

This week's Tackle a Task! Just what you've been waiting for!

Tackle A Task Fall 2010

It is Monday and once again, my tasks slid down on the priority list over the weekend! That's okay, though, because I kept up with the kitchen and it still looks nice and tidy and clean.

For detail people, I have 27 household tasks left and how many days? 26 Yikes! That puts it in perspective for me... I will have to do more than one task a day each week to hit my target day of November 5th.

Here's my list for this week, Monday through Wednesday:

clean mini blinds in each room
clean my desk (includes 3 piles of papers and sorting through my filing drawer)
clean out the cubbies above the fireplace... set up the xbox 360 there for family time...

and my extra task to keep on track for the target date:
clean the bookshelves (2 of them), taking off books and dusting, too, sorting and organizing.

Now, honestly, this does not sound fun at all. And these tasks are going to take up a good bit of time. Sigh. But once they are finished, it will look grand, I tell you! The only fun part of this whole process is before and after pictures... and putting on some fun music... I think it'll be the Go-Go's this week...

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