Friday, October 8, 2010

Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

Level 2, Week 1

Day one.

First, I thought level 2 would be it's very own complete workout. So, when I clicked on level 2 and it was level 1 with extra cardio at the end, I was disappointed. Mostly because I get bored after a while. However, since I was still having little bits of difficulty with level 1, I'm okay with it after all.

Second, level 2 kicked my bootie! They don't misname Jillian Michael's workouts “Death by Jillian” by chance. I felt like I'd enlisted into the Army. And if you know me, you know how funny that would be! I sit here with sweat dripping down my neck, no joke. I wont pretend that I kept up with half of what Jillian did... yet, I am excited!! It's a new challenge! Now I am off to shower... ick!


I'm going right back to level 1, weeks 1-2

I broke the end of my middle finger, right hand and took two days off. Today I got back to exercising and level 1 kicked my bootie! I added in the 4 pound weights and got an incredible work out and realized I am not ready for level 2 right now. I am thinking that the 6 week program would work better for me as a 3 month program... one level per month. After all, this is for heart health and is not a race.
Phew. Feels good to not pressure myself! Go ahead, pat me on the back... I could use it!

And just as I typed that I heard Steven Curtis Chapman sing, “I will be here so you can cry on my shoulder... when the mirror tells us we're older, I will hold you.” Yep, I am getting older. And with that, I am SO glad that my husband is back from out of town... I have sore muscles that need a good rub down... and his holding me will bless me as much as this song.

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