Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update on Baby Chloe

Last night was scary for dear Sonia. Her blood pressure shot up high, she started vomiting, they gave her magnesium and she got super hot and had ice packs on her... she is stabilized and they have scheduled a c-section for baby Chloe on Friday.  It is now confirmed that she will deliver at 11am Friday, Oct. 8th.  Sonia is nervous and scared for the baby.  She is afraid that she will have a panic attack during the c-section.  Thank you for joining me in prayer to keep this time covered.  They will be doing all the prep for the surgery starting at 9am, expecting delivery at 11am.  Baby Chloe has not really gained much in the past few weeks and is expected to weigh in at just over 2 lbs. 

Thank you for the prayer support. Thanks very much!!


Karla Marie said...

Oh, goodness...HUGS for Momma...that's NO FUN. Our prayers will be with them...and your family, as well. <3

MammaRuss said...

Prayers are on the way!

Betty Marie said...

Thank you for the prayers. It means so much to all of us! I will have big brother Christopher (soon to turn 3) tomorrow a little while. The poor little guy has missed his mom SO much.

Bright Sky Mom said...

Will be praying! (((HUGS)))