Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tackle A Task - C'mon, You know you want to!

Well, the past few days have gone by and I almost finished my recent goals.  The stovetop is spic and span, but the oven remains to be cleaned... thanks to the stovetop slipping and slamming down on my middle finger, which is turn protested to any further cleaning for a couple of days.  My windows did join the company of clean yesterday!  I am amazed at the difference sparkling windows adds to the room.  It reminds me of a story we read when the children were small.... about a lady who received some pretty flowers and sat them down by the window.  Then she noticed the window was dirty, so she cleaned it.  The the clutter and mess at the little table in front of the window was much more noticeable, so she tidied it as well...

My great helper, Cody, followed me around outside setting up the ladder, handing me my scrubber and squeegee and collecting the paper towels.  Here he sits, relaxing before dinner.   

What's next?  Today I will do triple duty... 1) watch my grandson, Christopher, for a couple of hours 2) catch up on previous days' tasks, which translates to cleaning the microwave, dishwasher and oven and 3) get those cobwebs out of the corners!

Then tomorrow and Saturday I hope to add in the following tasks to stay on track for my target date:

Clean in, out and on top of my upright computer cabinet, turning it into a sewing and craft cabinet

Scrub down the table and table legs

Clean mini-blinds throughout the house

I wish I wasn't playing catch up.  I suppose a good way to do this is with some happy music!

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Bright Sky Mom said...

I know I want to. Or I know I want to want to. But no tasks tackled here. :( Hey, I know why you're getting so much done!!! You're vicariously nesting for Sonia & Baby Chloe. :)