Monday, October 18, 2010

Time for some tasks!! Anyone? Anyone at all??

I will just list all the tasks that need to be done from this Monday until next.  If anyone joins in or just wants to leave a comment and share what you've been doing around your home to tidy or organize, please, knock yourself out! I'd LOVE to hear from you!

Here are pictures from last weeks tasks:

I can't find my "after" picture for my desk... I took one, but I also took a gazillion pics of my daughter's 16th birthday (tomorrow's blog!).

Let's see... I currently have 19 tasks that need to be done and  19 days until my target finish date of November 5th.  The goal here, if you didn't know, is to get the house really cleaned up and maintain it, one or two tasks at a time in order to prepare for the holidays.  So far I have cleaned out all kitchen cupboards and appliances, two desks and 3 sets of shelves.  I have maintained the kitchen!!  No small feat.  I need to dust again at the desks and shelves... I need to wash the mantle.

So, this week:

To maintain:  dust two desks and tops of shelves and wash the mantle.

New tasks (and a couple that I didn't get to last week!):

Couches!  In, under, behind!!
Mirrors and writing board
Tidy kids bathroom cupboards
Clean my personal dresser - 3 drawers and dust the shelves
Clean night stands
Clean big dresser... a few more drawers...
Clean out my closet
Clean out hallway closet
Clean under my bed
Vacuum bedroom
"handle" bedroom clutter
Make sure bedroom is dusted/polished

And as a reward, I hope to get new curtains purchased and post pictures of my "new" room!  (I painted it this summer, made some decorations and now just need the curtains)


Anonymous said...

If you can clean a shelf that well, cant wait to see what your new room looks like! i bet its beautiful Betty, just like your kind heart (: reading along with your blogs make me feel like i've known you! your an amazing spirited person!

Betty Marie said...

Thanks, anonymous! That means a lot to me and I'll take it with me today to pass on to others... love needs to just pass around!