Monday, October 4, 2010

Tackle A Task! Week 2

Now that 3 days tasks have been tackled, I will plan out another several days.

This weekend I did not be tackle any tasks. I had my oldest daughter's baby shower and was very busy enjoying that and Sunday was a full day with an early morning Bible study and working until night. I hope that you had a blessed weekend, too!

For Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday my tasks will include:

Thorough cleaning of the stove and oven – behind, beside, below, beneath (hey, how about those prepositions!)
Cleaning the microwave and dishwasher (these will be easy, they are mostly clean anyway)
Sweeping the high corner cobwebs in every room!!
Washing windows inside and out, including the sills...

Here is a tip for windows that I LOVE! It has been well worth the investment and window washing happens for the entire home in less that half an hour...

Buy these two items! Don't go for the cheapest... buy good quality and they will last for years!

I love these. I keep them under my bathroom sink and they keep my mirrors spotless and lovely!
One day I was on the phone chatting with my mother-in-law, Katie. (I love talking on the phone!) While we were talking, I washed and squeegeed every window, inside and out (in less than a half an hour).  Now, I do have a few high windows and they get power washed and I pretend that they are just as clean and lovely... ha!

So, I squirt a little bit of dishsoap on the scrubber and add a touch of water to it and wash the window. You can use a bucket to put the scrubber into and carry around so it doesn't drip on anything.  The cloth on mine does a fabulous job of getting the outside dirt handled! I do take a moment to pop off my screens and spray them, but mine are super easy to go on and off. I keep paper towels handy, but not for rubbing the windows... no, no! I use the squeegee from left to right, top to bottom and use the paper towel to wipe the far right side and then wipe the sills. I only do the entire household windows a couple times a year... you'd think since it doesn't take too long I would do it more often. And, if I have on some loud 80's music, maybe it will be a little fun this time!

So, am I a lone, lonely loner? Is anyone out there tackling some tasks ? You don't have to copy mine! Let me know what household tasks you are working on... c'mon, misery loves company! Lol.  

I'll check back in Thursday with some tasks for end of the week and maybe a weekend task... we'll see...

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